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Revolutionary AR Navigation Transforms Thai Retail

Resonai and The Mall Group Pioneer New Shopping Experience

In a groundbreaking move for Thai retail, Israeli tech startup Resonai has partnered with The Mall Group to introduce the country's first AR-powered indoor navigation system.

This collaboration, part of the National Innovation Agency's Corporate Spark Program, promises to revolutionize how shoppers interact with mall environments.
Tal Cohen, CFO of Resonai, told us, "The Mall Group was the ideal partner for our first Thai retail project. Their diverse business models, innovation-driven concepts, and distinctive designs align perfectly with our vision. By integrating our technology into the M Card app, we're creating a digital overlay on physical spaces, merging two worlds to enhance the overall shopping experience."


The new system uses AI and AR to guide shoppers through The Mall Group's centers. Customers can use their smartphones to see real-time navigation information overlaid on their surroundings, making it easier to find stores, amenities, and exits.

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"Our technology goes beyond navigation," Cohen added. "It introduces interactive AR advertisements, personalized benefits, and 3D advertising media, opening up new business opportunities for retailers within the mall ecosystem."

Natee Srirussamee, Senior Vice President at The Mall Group, shared his enthusiasm: "This Indoor Navigation feature, accessible through our M Card Application, uses AI and AR to guide customers effortlessly. It not only directs them to brands but also to escalators and elevators, making navigation time-efficient and stress-free."
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Srirussamee emphasized the broader impact: "This technology opens new avenues for our stores and brands to expand their sales channels. They can now communicate promotions and discounts through 3D models in AR spaces, aligning with our customer-centric approach and meeting the needs of digital-age shoppers."

This innovative system marks a significant step in enhancing Thailand's retail landscape, setting a new standard for how technology can transform physical shopping spaces and customer engagement strategies.

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