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The Top 4 Retail Signage Companies

Find the right partner to introduce your business to the world.

A neon sign reading ‘This is the sign you’ve been looking for’ on the brick wall of a business.Retail signage companies are creating new ways for brick and mortar stores to entice visitors and influence shoppers’ habits. With smart deployment of design and tech, property managers can make retail establishments more attractive to consumers than they've ever been before.

Whether you're just starting your own business or you’re a franchise owner with an established brand, this guide to today's best retail signage companies will help build your profile, draw in foot traffic, and give you the edge on awareness and conversions. First up, let’s talk about how to make the most of your signage.

Proper preparation and planning

There are effectively nine types of retail signage to take into account when you're figuring out your approach, broken out into three main categories: exterior, interior, and digital. Starting from the outside, retail signage companies can give your store a unique, scalable logo that looks just as good on top of your store, on official merch, or on your Facebook page. This first step is essential; according to a report by the Sign Research Foundation, 54% of US consumers have failed to find a business because its sign was too small or unclear, and 60% of businesses reported an average sales increase of 10% when they added or updated their sign.

The retail industry is steadily shifting to digital signage, and it isn’t just useful for delivering store information. For instance, 84% of shoppers indicate that watching content on digital displays can help pass the time more enjoyably while waiting in line to check out. Additionally, 90% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if they receive a personalized shopping experience, which digital signage is far better equipped to provide than traditional signs.

Clearly, investing in better retail signage is a powerful way to modernize your business. But even more powerful opportunities for communicating with current and potential customers are being made possible by digital infrastructure — brought to life by technology that already exists in each visitor’s pocket.

To get started thinking about how these new methods can become the next opportunity for your business, check out our new ebook, A Guide to the New Digital Infrastructure for Malls & Retail Properties. It will rapidly bring you up to speed on what's turning into a crucial and exciting period for the field, as well as how to make the most of each new possibility.

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The top 4 retail signage companies that can help elevate your business

Finding the right partner to bring retail signage to your business is imperative to success. These are some of the most effective retail signage companies in business today.

SNA Displays

If you want to draw in a customer's eye, even from across a crowded city street, vibrant colors and artistic flair will go a long way. That's where a company like SNA Displays comes in. SNA Displays highlights striking, modern imagery and a robust lineup of signage offerings to captivate passers-by, but its broader strategy is even more impressive.

SNA Displays shapes its approach with the understanding that digital signage is competing with smartphones for attention. The company emphasizes motion in digital displays, which it says captures 400% more views on average than static signage. SNA also stresses the importance of building an emotional connection with consumers, which can influence behavior. SNA specifically calls out highlighting philanthropy and humanizing staff as a way to retain and attract customers, building stronger relationships between customers and a retailer’s brand values. Today, 82% of consumers want a brand’s values to align with their own, so putting internal initiatives and employees on display through digital signage is a natural choice.


AZPRO has worked with NASA, Nike, Best Buy, Fry's, and Kroger, where they specialize in designs that are clean, clear, and instantly recognizable. AZPRO’s best work focuses on texture and layers, which make its signage attention-grabbing even in densely packed shopping corridors.

AZPRO’s creative inspirations reveal both impressive variety and consistency. NASA’s vibrant comic art feels scientific but fun, while Nike’s industrial-style endcaps work toward a gritty, athletic aesthetic. Each design is also informative and capable of evoking consistent brand messaging. Consistent branding can increase revenue by 23%, which makes AZPRO’s signage even more of an asset.


XOGO is a digital signage solution built for ease-of-use. Rather than being integrated into dedicated, proprietary digital displays, XOGO is available as an app on platforms such as Fire TV, iOS, and Android.

With its app available on so many devices, XOGO has reduced the barrier to entry for small businesses, though XOGO scales well enough that even large companies such McDonald’s and Microsoft use it. And XOGO is effective, with a brand testimonial from Xbox Visual Marketing Coordinator Brandon Halchuck stating that “It’s easy to use and we’ve seen a 30% increase in Xbox accessory sales across the digital-enabled sites.”


BenQ understands how to make simple, gorgeous displays, both for consumers and businesses. The company has adopted a diverse product line for corporate and retail environments, creating options for shopping malls, grocery stores, bars, banks, and more. While its offerings pack similar features to other retail signage companies, BenQ emphasizes sharp, eye catching image quality. Additionally, its Bluecore Laser Projector line acts as a 360° display, adding an even more dynamic display option.

Want to learn more about how your approach to retail signage can improve foot traffic, increase revenue, and more? Be sure to check out Retail Store Signs: The Ultimate Guide.

There’s no question that working with the right retail signage companies is a powerful way to give your location a boost, whether it’s brand new or looking for a new way to bring in business. But the new opportunities for signage and beyond that are presented by digital infrastructure are just as compelling. If you want to find out more about how you can put the power of digital twins and augmented reality to work for your enterprise, set up a demo with Resonai today.

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