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Maintenance Management Software for the Modern Facility

Predictive maintenance

Increase building efficiency and decrease downtime by leveraging real-time data with powerful AI and machine learning. Identify potential issues before they become problems and inform planning.

Phone and headphones on a desk with a desktop computer. AR pop-up says:

Process Automation 

Point a mobile device at whatever needs repairs and automated ticketing provides the technician with the history, instructions and AR navigation needed to understand the issues and respond swiftly.

Ticket mockup in a factory

Intelligent repair ticketing

Maximize maintenance resources by intelligently prioritizing issues by location and urgency. Keep tenants in the loop with easy to use mobile apps that provide status and estimated times for completion.

Ticketing augmented reality overlay in an office with tickets indicitating burned out lights and broken sockets.

Precise repair location tracking

Accelerate the repair process with real-time tracking and localization both indoors and outdoors. Provide AR navigation to the maintenance site that even helps see “behind walls” to remove the guesswork.

maintenance manager - precise repair


Maintenance Manager in Action

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What Maintenance Manager can do for your industry



Digitize your physical stores and provide engaging shopper experiences.

  • Personalize content as consumers navigate stores
  • Integrate with ecommerce, POS and other data sources to map the full journey
  • Leverage data to inform merchandising strategies & product portfolios 

Facilities management

Gain the operational control needed to maintain powerful visitor-centric experiences.

  • Automate and streamline repair ticketing processes
  • Leverage real-time repair data to inform upgrades and increase building efficiency
  • Regulate maintenance access & permissions across a spectrum of roles
Construction pylon


Fleet and inventory management at scale

  • Keep heavy machinery in prime shape with in-depth maintenance histories
  • Plan ahead for repair downtime to prevent costly delays or replacements 
  • Gain visibility into equipment usage trends over time
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Take care of treatment tools

  • Intelligent ticketing prioritizes repairs based on urgency and location
  • Gain system-wide visibility into equipment age and condition
  • Preventive maintenance schedules adjust to avoid interruptions to patient care


The Vera SDK

Vera is compatible with a growing number of mobile apps designed to personalize your experience. If your facility would benefit from a function not currently available, Resonai provides a software developer kit and tools that will let your developers create what you need.


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