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Vera adds intelligence to physical spaces

Digital Twin - Buildings icon

Intelligent digital twin technology

Digitally reconstruct your building from the inside out with unprecedented semantic understanding for highly accurate 3D visualizations.

Tracking - Position Icon

Precise positional tracking

Power applications and navigation services with 6 DoF positional tracking without any markers or additional hardware.

AI & Machine Learning - Connections icon

AI & Machine Learning

Real-time data analytics inform decision making & planning, and make apps and devices context-aware to adapt to any environment.

Integrated Systems - Multiple screen sizes expanding

Integrated systems, universal control

Synchronize and track all devices and equipment, integrate systems and data silos, and remotely launch apps and manage operations.

Vera Admin Console-1


The ROI of Vera for building owners & operators

Resonai’s Vera® platform helps building owners and operators gain greater operational control and provide innovative digital experiences.

Operational Control Icon - cog and checkmark

Maximize efficiency & operational control

Automate business processes and digitize analog operations. Cut costs by boosting efficiency.

Data driven decisions - chart trending upward icon

Make Data Driven Decisions

Access comprehensive real-time data and analytics to inform planning and decision-making.

Remote management - desktop mockup with building in a browser icon

Master remote management

Review accurate 3D visualizations, configure applications, and deploy content remotely.

End-user - hand touching phone icon

Deliver innovative end-user experiences

Deliver personalized, relevant experiences with AR content with precise indoor navigation in offices, stores, hospitals and more.

Tenant satisfaction - person and checkmark icon

Boost tenant retention & satisfaction

Leverage context-aware apps to better services that increase engagement and improve end user support.

Unlock revenue opportunities icon - Tag with '$'

Unlock new revenue opportunities

Monetize new digital real estate and build new streams of recurring revenue, all under your complete control.

Analytics - Vera mockup with high-density area heat map

Tie it all together with Vera Central Control

Vera Central Control is one central platform to manage all building operations. Select, configure, and deploy applications from a single interface and leverage our growing list of mobile applications.


Discover Vera’s advanced applications

Vera Concierge - Location Icon

Vera Virtual Concierge

Provide tenants and guests with personalized assistance, AR navigation, and context-aware information.

  • Engaging AR content
  • Indoor wayfinding
  • AI enabled experiences
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Vera Maintenance Manager Icon - Tools

Vera Maintenance Manager

Unify maintenance operations, maximize efficiency, and reduce costs across your organization.

  • Intelligent repair ticketing
  • Precise repair location tracking
  • AR navigation to maintenance site
Vera Universal Controller - lightbulb icon

Vera Universal Controller

Simplify building IoT management and track all data and devices through a unified interface.

  • Unify multiple IoT systems
  • Track and locate assets
  • Monitor and analyze data
website - iot
website - ar training
Vera AR Training - Coffee icon

Vera AR Training

Provide personalized training and AR tutorials and replace costly manuals for building systems.

  • Make training more engaging
  • Reduce the cost of physical materials
  • Deploy content remotely


The Vera SDK

Resonai provides a software developer kit and tools for developers to create new mobile applications that leverage Vera platform features.

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