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Vera adds intelligence to physical spaces

Digital Twin - Buildings icon

Intelligent digital twin technology

Digitally reconstruct your building from the inside out with unprecedented semantic understanding for highly accurate 3D visualizations.

Tracking - Position Icon

Precise positional tracking

Power applications and navigation services with 6 DoF positional tracking without any markers or additional hardware.

AI & Machine Learning - Connections icon

AI & Machine Learning

Real-time data analytics inform decision making & planning, and make apps and devices context-aware to adapt to any environment.

Integrated Systems - Multiple screen sizes expanding

Integrated systems, universal control

Synchronize and track all devices and equipment, integrate systems and data silos, and remotely launch apps and manage operations.


The ROI of Vera for building owners & operators

Resonai’s Vera® platform helps building owners and operators gain greater operational control and provide innovative digital experiences.

Operational Control Icon - cog and checkmark

Maximize efficiency & operational control

Automate business processes and digitize analog operations. Cut costs by boosting efficiency.

Data driven decisions - chart trending upward icon

Make Data Driven Decisions

Access comprehensive real-time data and analytics to inform planning and decision-making.

Remote management - desktop mockup with building in a browser icon

Master remote management

Review accurate 3D visualizations, configure applications, and deploy content remotely.

End-user - hand touching phone icon

Deliver innovative end-user experiences

Deliver personalized, relevant experiences with AR content with precise indoor navigation in offices, stores, hospitals and more.

Tenant satisfaction - person and checkmark icon

Boost tenant retention & satisfaction

Leverage context-aware apps to better services that increase engagement and improve end user support.

Unlock revenue opportunities icon - Tag with '$'

Unlock new revenue opportunities

Monetize new digital real estate and build new streams of recurring revenue, all under your complete control.

Analytics - Vera mockup with high-density area heat map

Tie it all together with Vera Central Control

Vera Central Control is one central platform to manage all building operations. Select, configure, and deploy applications from a single interface and leverage our growing list of mobile applications.


Discover Vera’s advanced applications

Vera Concierge - Location Icon

Vera Virtual Concierge

Provide tenants and guests with personalized assistance, AR navigation, and context-aware information.

  • Engaging AR content
  • Indoor wayfinding
  • AI enabled experiences
meet vera - concierge
Frame 15
Vera Maintenance Manager Icon - Tools

Vera Maintenance Manager

Unify maintenance operations, maximize efficiency, and reduce costs across your organization.

  • Intelligent repair ticketing
  • Precise repair location tracking
  • AR navigation to maintenance site
Vera Universal Controller - lightbulb icon

Vera Universal Controller

Simplify building IoT management and track all data and devices through a unified interface.

  • Unify multiple IoT systems
  • Track and locate assets
  • Monitor and analyze data
meet vera - en - lights + air
meet vera - ar training
Vera AR Training - Coffee icon

Vera AR Training

Provide personalized training and AR tutorials and replace costly manuals for building systems.

  • Make training more engaging
  • Reduce the cost of physical materials
  • Deploy content remotely


The Vera SDK

Resonai provides a software developer kit and tools for developers to create new mobile applications that leverage Vera platform features.

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