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Cutting-edge shopping mall experiences

Support shoppers throughout their journey

Indoor navigation makes it a snap for consumers to find what they’re looking for, whether it’s a specific store, a favorite coffee shop, or the nearest restroom.

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Context-aware apps provide real-time intelligent experiences 

Vera makes the mall experience more fun with engaging, immersive AR experiences and personalized recommendations.

vera for malls - intelligent experiences


Streamlining mall traffic

Optimizing movement

Avoid bottlenecks by analyzing real-time data, including heat maps of foot traffic, dwell time in stores, and more. Adjust as needed to keep shoppers engaged as they explore everything the mall has to offer.

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Visualize and execute

By utilizing digital twin technology, mall operators can simulate their layouts and visualize changes based on real-time user behavior. This allows proprietors to test new strategies without the heavy lifting.

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Unveiling new revenue streams

A digital canvas

With Vera for shopping malls, the entire building becomes a digital playground for immersive AR content. This creates new opportunities for monetization and even lets you engage shoppers with gamified challenges.

vera for malls - digital canvas

Personalized ads

Show shoppers AR advertisements at relevant points throughout the mall based on their specific preferences.

vera for malls - personalized ads

Highlight new products

Introduce shoppers to the latest and greatest with AR signage providing the relevant details.

vera for malls - highlight new products

Explore limited-time promotions

Don’t clutter the stores with physical signs. Promote seasonal sales, brand experiences, and discounted merchandise with AR notifications.

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Vera brings shopping malls into the future

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Better customer experiences lead to improved satisfaction and loyalty

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Automated maintenance and repairs keep stores open and operations running smoothly

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Detailed, actionable analytics provide a deep understanding of visitor behavior and overall operational efficiency

Get a free demo

See Vera in action and learn how it enhances the shopping mall experience.


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