The benefits of building IoT

Unify multiple IoT systems

Provide a more delightful, seamless work environment with one app to control all smart devices including monitors, HVAC systems, video conference devices, light switches and more.

Camera, light, and AC controller augmented reality  in an office

Track and locate assets

Enjoy complete visibility into asset location at all times. Use Vera Central Control’s ‘top-down’ view to move assets to where they’re needed most. See the complete picture and plan ahead to fill shortfalls before they happen.

Laptop with Vera interface on the screen (showing a hospital room)

Monitor and analyze data

Dig into site-specific information on energy usage, occupancy, and HVAC levels, or compare across locations. View data over time to understand facility trends or implement automation to free up resources.

Vera interface showing analytics, a heat map, and charts

Zoom in or out

The Universal Controller lets you manage in the macro or the micro. Regulate access and permissions for each building, floor or even a specific room, for each user type such as tenants, technicians, and visitors or for each individual.

Laptop showing the Vera admin console with light controls


Central Control in Action

Vera Smart Devices

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What Vera Central Control can do for your industry



Stay on top of inventory, predict trends, and save money with more efficient marketing

  • Test new layouts and marketing materials in AR
  • Analyze real-time in-store data from all sites
  • Push updates to all locations simultaneously to ensure a united brand message
Building with augmented reality lines around it

Facilities management

Seamlessly manage multiple systems for a complete facility picture

  • Intelligent repair ticketing streamlines maintenance 
  • Capture real-time data about energy usage, occupancy, traffic flow, and more
  • Identify opportunities for automation across locations
Construction pylon


Have 360 visibility into all aspects of the construction process from plans to permits to on-site progress

  • Access multiple views of in-progress sites, including interiors and distance measurements
  • Track assets including equipment and personnel across multiple sites
  • Break down information silos with centralized communication
Purple heart icon with a plus sign in the center


A holistic view of patient outcomes, facility efficiencies, and resource allocation

  • Remotely update regulation information for all locations to ensure compliance 
  • Gain insight into which departments are underserviced
  • Historical equipment data creates opportunities for preventive maintenance, avoiding costly shutdowns


The Vera SDK

Vera is compatible with a growing number of mobile apps designed to personalize your experience. If your facility would benefit from a function not currently available, Resonai provides a software developer kit and tools that will let your developers create what you need.


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