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Vera Provides Advanced AI & AR Technology to Solve Real Business Problems Today.

One platform with access to multiple solutions that can scale across locations and provide real time data analytics & insights.

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Vera Admin Console

One place to remotely manage buildings, devices, and equipment to control access, inform preventive maintenance planning, and increase building efficiencies.

  • Visualization

    Access multiple views including a 360 panoramic view, a highly accurate 3D mesh that is to scale, allowing distance measurements and remote walkthroughs, and a simple 2D floor plan.
  • Launch Mobile Apps

    Select from a growing list of mobile apps - such as Smart Maintenance, IoT Device Controller, AR Training, Digital Concierge and more, plus remotely configure, visualize and test before launching.
  • Manage Access & Permissions

    Manage access and permissions for each building, floor or even a specific room, for each user type such as tenants, technicians, and visitors or for each individual.
  • Access Real Time Data

    Vera captures data and provides real time analytics including precise location data, equipment and device details, application usage and performance and much more.
Vera admin console


facilities management

Facilities Management

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improve tenant satisfaction
  • Increase building efficiencies


  • Increase engagement
  • Drive sales conversions
  • Automate visual merchandising
  • Gain new shopper insights


  • Extend brands into physical venues
  • Create engaging AR games
  • Access new analytics & insights

Vera for Facilities Management

Vera can automate processes to lower costs for building maintenance, while providing smarter buildings and more delightful experiences for tenants and visitors.

Vera for facilities management
  • Smart Ticketing & Navigation

    Simply point a mobile device at the item that needs repair and the problem is logged, maintenance data is retrieved and AR navigation directions are sent to technician. See ‘behind walls’ to find and make repairs more efficiently.
  • AR Training & AR Manuals

    Provide employees with engaging & more personalized training, offer AR tutorials for a range of office equipment. Inject AR content remotely to decrease the cost of updating materials.
  • Digital Concierge & AR Navigation

    Provide access control and AR navigation instructions anywhere in your building for employees, tenants & visitors.
  • IoT controllers

    Provide a more delightful, seamless work environment with one app to control all smart devices including monitors, HVAC systems, video conference devices, light switches and more.

Vera for Retail

AR transforms physical stores into engaging digital experiences, while collecting data analytics that inform product flows and business processes.

  • Smart Visual Merchandising

    Save time and money in testing merchandising strategies for product placements, displays, and signage. Provide more engaging and visual merchandising instructions to each location & ensure store compliance.
  • Analytics & Data Insights

    Access a deeper level of in store data including traffic flow, traffic patterns, hot spots, and zone behaviors. Combine with other data to create a more complete shopper journey.
  • AR Navigation & Product Discovery

    Provide unique, more personalized shopping experiences to key customer segments. Inject promotions with utmost precision as consumers navigate stores.
  • AR Brand Experiences

    Create immersive AR experiences to Increase consumer engagement with brands. Provide seasonal experiences and special promotions.
Vera For Retail

Vera for Entertainment

Vera for Entertainment
  • AR Gaming

    Create new AR games or promote existing titles to engage consumers longer with lobby entertainment, as they stand in lines at theme parks or when they navigate shopping malls.
  • AR Brand Engagement

    Extend brands into any physical location and create unique AR experiences in shopping malls, theaters, theme parks and more.
  • Analytics & Data Insights

    Gain a deeper understanding with data insights as consumers interact with games, navigate venues, interact with content and products.

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