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Resonai is now on Google Cloud Marketplace

Tel-Aviv, October 5th 2023 - Resonai, the spatial computing & AI company transforming spaces into intelligent ecosystems,  now offers it's platform in the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Resonai, the Operating System for the built world,  announces its latest milestone: offering its innovative solutions on the Google Cloud Marketplace.
This strategic move is set to revolutionize the way the built environment can be transformed into intelligent ecosystems, as Resonai's cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with the powerful capabilities of Google Cloud.

By joining forces with Google's platform, Resonai is well-positioned to expand its reach and bring its groundbreaking offering to a wider audience.  With Resonai now available on the Marketplace, Google Cloud customers can benefit from easier procurement and a streamlined sale cycle.

"This milestone reflects our commitment to meeting businesses where they are in order to digitize the built world," said Emil Alon, CEO of Resonai. "By strengthening our relationship with Google Cloud, we are bringing together the best of both organizations.  By combining Resonai's building OS and Google Cloud’s powerful platform, our clients can offer innovative cutting-edge shopping experiences, and in the process gain deeper insights about how shoppers use their space. Our clients can then leverage these insights to continue to improve experiences for their customers."

Resonai’s enterprise computer vision technology enables building owners and operators to refactor their properties into new digital assets, in commercial spaces such as malls, shopping centers, entertainment venues, offices and hospitality settings.
The company’s core platform, serves as an OS for buildings, enabling powerful technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to be integrated so they can be put to work to improve buildings and properties. The company
scans buildings to create smart and operational digital replicas, giving its' customers a new way to manage their properties, from AR experiences to automating facilities management. 
Resonai's platform is designed to facilitate hyper-accurate, location-based applications and experiences such as indoor navigation, gamified immersive experiences, 2D and 3D advertisements and more.

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