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From Improving Workplaces to Reaching the Moon: 4 Highlights From EWTS 2020

Resonai just got back from the Enterprise Wearable Summit! Let’s look back at our favorite discussions on AR, XR, and wearable tech developments.


Last week, Resonai attended the Enterprise Wearable Tech Summit (EWTS), the world’s longest-running conference dedicated to AR, VR, and wearable tech. While we came to showcase Vera — our AI platform for digitizing physical spaces — we took part in many exciting industry conversations. Overall, the sessions highlighted how truly vibrant this space can be. At any given point, one would see cutting-edge AR pioneers meeting with representatives from major brands to discuss technologies that enhance the modern enterprise.

While EWTS will return next year, we want to take a few moments to share some of our favorite highlights from the summit. Let’s dive in!

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Putting safety first

Reducing security and IT risks

Enhancing workplace training

To the moon and beyond

Putting safety first

Across the AR, VR, and wearable categories, the most critical advancements relate to safety. That’s why it was so encouraging to see an entire session dedicated to safety, hosted by Emily Whitcomb (National Safety Council), Cathy White (Dow), Aamer Shamim (AES), and Gregory Garrett (Boeing).

At this talk, attendees learned about using wearables to identify risks and mitigate hazards. Employee monitoring in hazardous workplaces is a big part of the solution here, thanks to features like bio-metrics and location tracking. Another crucial element is a communication system that alerts employees of danger and quickly resolves the situation.

At Resonai, we found this talk particularly interesting because we see safety as a key factor driving technological advancement. Across the retail, facilities management, and manufacturing industries, enterprises increasingly leverage AI and AR platforms like Vera to improve tenant and worker safety.

Reducing security and IT risks

The potential of AR and IoT is immense, but always-online technologies present unique IT security challenges. New tools like cloud storage that make AR more feasible also increase the threat exponentially. Thankfully, many enterprises are doing their part to address these dangers proactively.

In a session exploring XR security, William Harding (Medtronic), Seth Patin (LogistiVIEW), Ken Fast (General Dynamics), John McGuire (Duke Energy), and Jon Duncan (VMware) highlighted the challenges we face — including authentication, data transmission, and risks to employee privacy. “If we want to be adopted by enterprise … we have to adopt the security policies of a large enterprise company,” Patin said.

The good news is solutions are accessible if businesses start applying mobile device management protocols to emerging tech. At Resonai, security is a crucial consideration in every application we design. Give this session a watch to learn about the future of XR and IoT security.

Enhancing workplace training

One of the most frequently-cited benefits of enterprise AR is on-site workplace training. It sounds intuitive enough, but Tina Kurtz (Walmart), Wes Tomer (Atlas Copco), Andrew Warren (Bridgestone), Dirk Schart (RE’FLEKT), and Brendan Kelley (Solvay) know we’ve barely tapped the potential of what emerging technologies can achieve.

Even today, remote training options help us avoid the dangers of COVID-19 while businesses onboard new employees. Construction crews can learn to operate heavy machinery with training simulators. Emergency response teams prepare themselves for every possibility using real-time virtual scenarios. And on top of that, all enterprises benefit from reduced training time and money saved! This group session covered the entire gamut of how workplace training is changing, and we loved hearing so many practical examples.

AR training is a central component of what we do here at Resonai. If you're curious what AR training looks like in action, reach out for a demo of Vera's capabilities. 

To the Moon and beyond

Not every topic discussed at EWTS is relevant to every enterprise, but some projects are just too exciting to ignore. The best example was a session hosted by Lockheed Martin’s Shelley Peterson, Daniel Anger, and Michael Maxwell. Here, we learned about the mixed reality tech powering the Artemis Project, which will send the first woman to the moon by 2024. How cool is that?

We want to thank everyone who made 2020’s Enterprise Wearable Tech Summit such a success, from the session hosts to the BrainXchange team. And if you stopped by our booth and wanted some more information about Resonai and Vera, get in touch so we can provide a free demonstration!

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