Accelerate commercial property sales

Streamline property staging

Virtual staging is far more flexible and cost-efficient than physical staging. Make changes on the fly to optimize for different audience segments and decrease overall days-on-market.


Enrich property listings

AR can provide a richer on-site experience than any marketing sheet. Visitors touring a property can use their mobile device’s camera to view their surroundings with an overlay pointing out key details, such as the age of appliances.

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Personalize models in real-time 

Bring clients’ visions to life by changing AR building models to reflect new lighting, furniture, or structural details in real-time. Unify communication channels between clients, designers, and contractors to avoid confusion.



Manage properties more efficiently with Vera Central Control

Define access & permissions on the fly at a building, room, or individual level

Ensure safety and smooth operations for an entire enterprise from a single app. Adjust permissions to limit physical contact, compensate for traffic flow, or optimize energy usage.


Simplify asset management

Enjoy complete visibility into asset locations at all times. Use Central Control’s ‘top-down’ view to move assets to where they’re needed most. Asset tracking at-a-glance prevents loss and increases operational efficiency, adding to the bottom line.


Access real-time building analytics

View site-specific information on energy usage, occupancy, and more in real-time. View data over time to understand facility trends or implement automation to free up resources.


Manage IoT devices from a single dashboard

Control all smart devices including monitors, HVAC systems, video conference devices, light switches and more from a single app. Create a delightful experience for tenants and a frustration-free environment for staff.



Unlock new revenue opportunities

AR advertising

The ad inventory within a building’s AR-enabled apps is an ideal merging of tenant-centric experiences and revenue potential. An ad could use indoor navigation to guide the user directly to a specific store in a large shopping center, for example.

Vera for Retail

Retail media

Partnering with art, furniture, or service providers opens up sustainable lines of revenue for the owners of AR-enabled buildings. Tenants will appreciate the ease of shopping through the building app, too.

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Personalized real estate experiences that boost tenant satisfaction and drive revenue

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Increased operational efficiency for commercial real estate developers

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Higher tenant satisfaction and improved client retention

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Accelerate commercial real estate sales with enriched property listings

Case Study: Vera and Goldbeck

Vera at Goldbeck

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