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Deliver smarter buildings

Predictive maintenance

Automate repair ticketing process to identify potential issues before they become problems. Increase building efficiency and decrease downtime by leveraging powerful AI and Machine Learning.

Augmented reality ticket in a facility indicating that a pipe is clogged

People-centric services

AR tutorials let tenants learn equipment and systems on their schedule, increasing convenience while reducing burden on staff. Indoor navigation helps users find venue facilities and receive timely updates about availability.

Augmented reality ticket options including 'coffee please', 'plant', and 'heating' options

Monitor and analyze data

Dig into site-specific information on energy usage, occupancy, and HVAC levels, or compare across locations. View data over time to understand facility trends or implement automations to free up resources.

Laptop showing the vera interface

Zoom in or out

The Universal Controller lets you manage in the macro or the micro. Regulate access and permissions for each building, floor or even a specific room. Manage access for each user type including as tenants, technicians, and visitors or individuals.

Laptop with the Vera interface


Property management, evolved

Cog icon with checkmark

Maximum operational efficiency and cost-savings

Person icon with checkmark

Higher tenant satisfaction and stronger retention

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Enhanced property value and differentiation

Case Study: Vera and Goldbeck

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Discover Vera’s full range of capabilities with a complimentary demo.


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