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Providing superior healthcare in challenging times

Patient-Centric Digital Experiences

Vera digital concierge services provide personalized guidance and delightful patient experiences. Empower patients with AR navigation and relevant content to inform, instruct, and reduce the burden on help desks and staff.

Augmented reality wayfinding overlay in a hospital indicating the user should take the elevator to floor 2

Contactless Interactions

Remotely update AR content to quickly address ever-changing safety and health guidelines. Access traffic data and hot spots to prevent patients from congregating in clusters so they can move seamlessly from entry point to treatment room.

Hospital hallway with augmented reality layover indicating heart failure

Asset Tracking

Digitize your entire facility’s devices and equipment to streamline inventory management. Find needed equipment quickly and inform predictive maintenance planning.

Augmented reality arrows wayfinding in a hospital hallway

Rapid response

Vera central control provides 3D visualization of the entire facility, with access to real-time data and remote capabilities to adjust content or deploy apps. Gain maximum flexibility and ensure uniform compliance across healthcare networks.

Person looking at Vera's wayfinding map on a laptop


Improved operational efficiency & patient satisfaction

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Patient-centric experiences for increased satisfaction

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Maximum operational control & efficiency for cost-savings

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Modern digital infrastructure to future-proof facilities

Meet the Vera Central Control

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