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Today's Complex Building Ecosystems

Digital transformation is accelerating - but it’s happening in silos. An explosion of devices, disparate hardware and software systems, and expanding data sets, means more to manage and greater complexity.

To stay competitive, businesses need integrated systems and data insights to inform operations and deliver people-centric experiences.

Point cloud data intelligent digital twin - Vera

Vera Intelligent
Building Ecosystems

Vera transforms buildings into intelligent digital twins with embedded AI and real-time data, creating environments where people and devices operate seamlessly.

Vera enables context-aware applications for efficient operations and personalized, engaging experiences in office buildings, retail stores, healthcare facilities and much more.

Vera Product Overview

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Vera Central Control

The platform includes Vera Central Control, a web-based application for remote building management, including 3D visualization, access management, real-time data analytics and the ability to deploy mobile applications for operational efficiencies and engaging end-user experiences.

Vera Mobile Apps

Vera Mobile Applications address a range of use cases.

  • Digital concierge with wayfinding and AR content
  • Gamified mixed reality experiences
  • Smart maintenance & repairs in commercial facilities
  • AR Training & Tutorials
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  • Effortless indoor navigation to any store or amenity
  • Engaging, immersive AR experiences and personalized recommendations
  • Unprecedented data & insights into how visitors use the space

Vera mockup in an office

Facilities Management

  • Property maintenance software for greater building control
  • Automate processes to lower costs
  • Digital concierge and AR navigation for personalized tenant experiences
  • Simplified IoT management with one app
Vera mockup indicating a sale on shirts at a retail store


  • Increase consumer engagement with personalized AR experiences
  • Automate visual merchandising to test strategies & move merchandise faster
  • Access real-time in-store data without any additional HW
  • Integrate online and offline data to map the full shopper journey

What makes us different

Two buildings - digital twin icon

Intelligent digital twin technology

Digitally reconstruct your building from the inside out with unprecedented semantic understanding for highly accurate 3D visualizations.

Pin over a circle - location icon

Very Precise localization & Positional Tracking

6DoF Positional Tracking in real time, without the use of any markers or additional HW.

Circles connected together - artificial intelligence icon

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and real time data for context aware apps, more intelligent agents that can adapt to any environment.

Multiple screen sizes with arrows pointing outwards - connected systems icon

Integrate & Connect Systems

Vera connects and synchronizes all devices, robots, and equipment, and systems to unify communications and enable more intelligent operations.

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